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Dance Teacher Magazine's October 2014 Issue features a story on JoJean Retrum and her work with male dancers.  http://www.dance-teacher.com/2014/12/teachers-tools-up-close-with-jojean-retrum/

Owner, Jo Jean Retrum, is quoted in September 2011's Dance Teacher Magazine.  Article

Monona Academy of Dance is mentioned in a national magazine.  So proud to be a tenant at the new Sun Prairie Ice Arean.  Article

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Our Dancers: Now Professional

For those students who are considering a professional career in dance, Monona Academy of Dance offers unparalleled opportunities. Listed here are the former students of Monona Academy of Dance who went on to professional dance careers and their most recent company. ** retired

  • Ethan Stiefel - Principal with both American Ballet Theatre (New York) and the Royal Ballet (London), lead role in the hit dance movie "Center Stage".  Artistic Director of New Zealand Ballet. ** Currently teacher at School of American Ballet Theatre
  • Karisa Stich Skiba - Soloist with Milwaukee Ballet and currently teaching pilates in Washington D.C.
  • Erin Stiefel - Dancer with Zurich Opera Ballet **
  • Danielle Dickert Furhmann - Lead Performer, Disney Worl, Fireside Theater Fort Atkinso, currently teaching and choreographing at Monona Academy of Dance and Dance Wisconsin
  • Danielle Peronto - Lead Performer, Disney World and Universal
  • Jorene Leonard - Dancer with Liz Imperio’s Instinct Live Company in Los Angeles, Gap commercial, now working in Las Vegasand traveling with Donnie and Marie Osmond and at the Flamingo
  • Elizabeth Mischler - Dancer with contemporary dance company, Stadt Theater am Gärtnerplatz in Munich, Germany, London Opera Ballet**
  • Amy Krawcek - Dance captain and assisstant choreographer of Rockettes in NYC, Broadway show "Sweet Charity"**Currently teaching Pilates
  • Nick Mullikin - Company manager, Ballet West and Washington Ballet ** School Director of Nashville Ballet
  • Heather Anderson - Company member, Georgia Ballet and now teaching.
  • Becca Sweitzer - Dancer in Los Angeles “Tapsounds Underground” in the movie "Hairspray"
  • Amber Jackson - Dancer with Louisville Ballet, UW Dance Team and River North Dance Company.  School teacher and periodically creating choreography.
  • Nicole Torgerud - Dancer with Charleston Ballet Theatre**  Has her own ballerina.
  • Leigh Zimmerman - Broadway dancer in Will Rogers Follies, Chicago
  • Angela Bell - Member of River North Dance Co. in Chicago **
  • Ashley Wendt - North Carolina Dance Theater**
  • Ashley Dahm - Joel Hall Dancers.  Teacher and choreographer for Dance Wisconsin/Monona Academy of Dance.
  • Celia Pierquet-Flores - Milwaukee Ballet II, DCDC **
  • Jonathan Person- Louisville Ballet**
  • Jim Peronto - Texas Ballet Theater, Charleston Ballet Theatre**
  • Kristin Herlache - Milwaukee Ballet II.  Now teaching at a performing arts school.
  • Lauren Hafner Addison - Wild Space Dance Company **  Living New York City and performing.Artistic director of Boink
  • Jennifer LaWall - Louisville Ballet.  Their educational director.
  • Justin Bohan Genna - Milwaukee Ballet and now performing and dancing in the San Francisco Bay Area.
  • Chelsey Dahm-Professional Choreographer
  • Dawn Gilbertson- Big Muddy Dance Company
  • Larry Neuhauser-Tour "Movin' Out.  Now performing with the Trockadoras of Monte Carlo
  • Claire Wyttenbach - dancer University of Wisconsin Stevens Pointe Dance Department.  Graduate
  • Suzanne Jamieson - dancer University of Wisconsin Stevens Pointe Dance Department currently auditioning
  • Michael Hartung - Graduate of University of Michigan, performer NBC's Peter Pan Live, freelance dancer in New York and appeared in music videos.  Hello Dolly on Broadway
  • Mary Kate Hartung - Graduate of NYU, freelance performer, and Company Member ChristinaNoel and The Creature and Bugge Ballet.
  • Mathew Hunt -  graduate from University of Oklahoma City and currently performing on Cruise Lines
  • Anthony Cannarella Anderson - Company Dancer Sacramento Ballet
  • Jordan Zweifel -  Choreographer and currently teaching dance in colorado
  • And so many other dancers that continue to dance in college and beyond but have succesful careers as doctors, lawyers, athletic trainers,engineers and teachers to name a few.